Posted on: 30/01/2020

We have reached a remarkable milestone in the SpaceNC project. The hardware development is finished in the first year of the project, the prototype sensors are manufactured. A demonstration and a characterisation platform was also developed in this period. We have started the test measurements of the sensors and we are working on a demo application. The project was really challenging because of the complexity of the development, but our developers were persistent and hard-working, so we could overcome the obstacles. The results are promising so far, it will be exciting to see the results in practice.








Posted on: 04/08/2019

A new generation of industrial sensor technology will be developed by ProDSP Technologies cPlc. The project is funded by National Research Development and Innovation Office in the framework of „Funding to micro and small enterprises for innovation activities (2018-1.1.1-MKI)” programme.

Encoder Manufacturers and OEM-s are selling highly specialized products for applications in specific industries (e.g. production lines, logistics and warehouse management systems). In these systems, thousands of optical encoders are used for position sensing and other measurements, which are mostly applying incremental encoding methods. Due to their limited innovation potential, encoder producers and encoder-user-OEMs are facing difficulties to answer the market needs and to develop their next generation of products, which can’t be implemented with the State-Of-the-Art (SOA) encoder technologies. In addition, the highly fragmented market is doomed to low volume, low-profit optical encoder production, therefore they are seeking for new solutions in order to gain solid competitive advantages. In order to overcome these limitations, a sub-micron, absolute positioning optical sensor (SpaceNC) will be developed by ProDSP Technologies, based on a radically new operating principle.

The new principle of operation enables continuous condition monitoring and fault detection of the industrial equipment for our customers. By applying a new paradigm in the encoder industry, SpaceNC will be the only multi-dimensional, high-speed, industrial position sensor technology on the optical encoder market, offering solutions for new market needs, which are beyond the scope of existing encoder sensors:

  • owing to the spatial, multi-dimensional submicron precision absolute position sensing provides high-quality information, improves reliability and safety, thereby error detection becomes more effective,
  • thanks to the modular design, our encoder can be customized and applied in a wide range of applications, consequently the greater production number results lower price, compared to existing solutions.

The main result of the project will be the prototype of the SpaceNC industrial position encoder, which will be distributed as a unique product in the first business period. Electronics, optical and mechanical parts will be developed during the project period, furthermore characterization and demonstration platforms will be established in order to characterize the device and demonstrate its operation in a laboratory environment.

Our initial market segment is the EU region, main target groups are OEM-s and Encoder Manufacturers, who are willing to exploit the possibilities of SpaceNC position encoding technology.

Project duration: January 2019 – 30th of June 2020.

Project budget: The total project budget is 132,292,565 Ft, of which 94,473,895 Ft grant amount has been awarded by National Research Development and Innovation Office.