3D Sensor Characteristic Measurement Device


  • high precision movement (less than 20 micrometer accuracy)
  • heavy granite table with shock absorbers in order to avoid deformation and vibration

Embedded devices:

  • real time  3 linear axis and 1 rotational axis control
  • continuous log of sensor output and actual position
  • protections


  •  scriptable commands (Javascript) for movement, log and control
  • manual control
  • continuous status/plot information

3D sensor characteristic measurement device

mst gui

PC SW Features:

  • On-line data acquisition (file) and measurement display (numeric and plot)
  • Excel handling via some of ActiveX function
  • Manual control
  • Script control (ECMA / Javascript)
  • Javascript compatibility
  • Line by line execution
  • Parameter/argument checking
  • Display capability
  • Current: text based output on the GUI
  • Real time plotting
  • Possible future extension: diagrams, plots – 3D (Matlab like)
  • User input dialog extension
  • File handling (open/read/write)
  • Real time restricted zone
  • Multi coordinate system enabled (Global, Magnet, Sensor)