3D Sensor Characteristic Measurement Device

Mechanic: high precision movement (less than 20 micrometer accuracy) heavy granite table with shock absorbers in order to avoid deformation and vibration Embedded devices: real time  3 linear axis and 1 rotational axis control continuous log of sensor output and actual position protections Software:  scriptable commands (Javascript) for movement, log and control manual control continuous status/plot[…]

Event Detection Intelligent Camera

EDICAM (Event Detection Intelligent Camera) is an FPGA based high-speed digital camera developed by Wigner RCP, Cerntech Ltd., Adimtech Ltd., and ProDSP Ltd. for diagnostic applications in the field of plasma physics. It can detect and process events autonomously, and has several intelligent, adaptive control functions, like speeding up frame rate on the image regions[…]

Mechanical works

[HUN] Cutting We proceed cutting works on engine and CNC lathe, CNC 3 and-5 axis machine. If required, fine dimensions can be finished with cylindrical and straight grinding machine. Electrical discharge machining (EDM) In case of metal parts where the required features can not be formed with cutting, we can achieve desired geometry with electrical[…]


uCTest is a device designed by ProDSP Technologies, capable of testing multiple microprocessors. Processor test farm Long term test Common communication bus between the microprocessors 10 processor stamp per board Every stamp can be isolated from the bus and power supply


ControlBox is a motor control functional test equipment. (12V, 100A) Current, phase, voltage monitoring Error injection: phase disconnection, short circuit motor sensor disconnection, short circuit Oscilloscope function (current, phase, speed information) Web interface for configuration

Pole Switch Unit

Pole Switch Unit is a high current, high precision industrial measurement device completely designed by ProDSP Technologies. The high current parts are working up to 100A with measurement less than 0.2% accuracy in the full range. The instrument has a traditional manual interface and a fully featured remote control API.

Functional Test System

Custom made test towers were built for checking the manufacturing quality of automotive products after electronic assembly. The towers integrate high-precision instruments, custom built components and industrial PCs with several PCI control cards inside (CAN, LIN). The long term tests are designed and executed in National Instrument’s Test Stand (Labview) environment.


In 3D media production two cameras have to work absolutely synchronized. In direction, angle, speed, focus, distance, movement, exposure.  Currently all available systems are big, complicated, put together individually for every camera system, time consuming, man power consuming and because of all that, – error-prone. STEREO CAKE is a smart device that integrates all expensive[…]